Integrity. Flexibility. Agility. Strength.

Talented technology professionals solving interesting problems for passionate clients.

Our Clients

Whether pushing the edges of physics, supporting independent filmmakers, saving lives in the backcountry, or helping cities craft climate change initiatives, our clients care deeply about what they do.

Our Projects

Our favorite projects have unique technical requirements and complex data models. They are frequently multi-year partnerships entailing clear communication and transparent process. They make a difference.





Tom Gruner

Full Stack Wizard

With 11 years building web applications, Tom demonstrates equal comfort designing elegant user interfaces in Javascript as deploying multi-tier applications in the cloud with Docker. We all benefit from his informed, creative perspective on application architecture and strategic decisions. Specialties include cloud applications, SaaS, data modeling, search, user interface design, and application architecture.

Philip LaRose


Philip has over twelve years' experience writing and editing marketing and technical documents for a variety of audiences including IT professionals, business managers, customers, developers, and end users. Projects have ranged from 1-2 page product datasheets to 120+ page multi-section booklets, and include company and product brochures, lab manuals, case studies, white papers, corporate guidebooks, PowerPoint presentations, and websites.

Joe Murano

Developer Hero

Joe has proved critical in the successful execution of four complex Django projects including IRMIS,, and He is a talented database engineer whose excellent technical instincts yield elegant software architecture and quality code, fast.

Alex Tokar

Convener / Project Manager

Alex has worked with internet technology for over 12 years, including five years with Django and seven using Python. He has solid database and testing skills and enjoys finding creative solutions to difficult problems. He brings many years of experience completing Agile Django projects with small teams.

Jacob Lesser

GeoSpatial Magician

Jacob Lesser is seeking an M.S. in Geography at Western Washington University with an appointment as an affiliated staff member with the Huxley Spatial Institute where he serves as the lead developer. He has developed several web mapping tools for various agencies and non-profits including the USGS and the Nature Conservancy. Jacob also analyzes GIS data, advises students on GIS projects and performs outreach to identify research opportunities.

Jesse Snyder

Seal Team 6

Jesse Snyder brings a deep knowledge of Python. He specializes in Test Driven Design and Development, system integration, and rehabilitation of legacy code. He has contributed to the Plone+Salesforce integration toolkit, including SalesforcePFGAdapter and Paypal2SalesforceLead. He has worked in IT and web development since 2002.

Rick Riehle

Caffeinated Devops Demolition Artist

Rick is a caffeinated software developer and devops demolition artist with more than twenty-five years experience in finance, health care and higher education. His programming career started with C and C++, writing trading software for companies and institutions trading the Chicago futures and options markets. Ever since then he has been as interested in programming languages and techniques as in high-performance systems integration and scalability strategies.